The Sports Slam


The Tailgate Team Challenge

This program will motivate your Team Players to TEAM UP and compete for as many touchdowns as possible. Your group of teams will rotate through a variety of challenges as they combine their talents and actions to “score” points for the team.  This program is uniquely designed as it allows for scoring against objectives and not just the other team.  All teams have a chance to win the top prize in their group of six teams.  If you think of the Tailgate Party you may want to invite your guests to wear their favorite team jersey or cap to the event, whether it is college or pro, and any sport they enjoy.  This will provide a “connection” activity for the participants as they meet other people who have similar interests.


Tailgate Party: The entire event is held in a parking lot, or large patio area complete with sound music and fun.  This tailgate party would provide a rotation of teams to challenges in a fast paced format will all teams in the same area.

Team Stations: This format would provide several “playing fields” throughout the property or training camps for the groups of teams to rotate and compete for their points.


The Sports Slam:  Teams rotate through 4 sports stations earning points as they try to perform at their best.

Giant Football Toss: Teams pair up their members to try and toss an overall football at three different bullseye receiver zones.  Scores add up for accuracy and distance!

Sports Ball Launch: Teams of 4 launch small stress sponge sports balls to a zone where they earn points for landing in the zone, or having their teammates catch them in a giant target!

Touchdown Team Run-Four people at a time stand and slither across the field on boards like skis, walking and working together to advance to the next group of four players.

Tailgate Corn hole-Teams match up against another team and try to earn as many points as possible in 10 minutes.

Parking Lot Giant Jenga:  Teams have a set time to try and pull and place their blocks as high as possible.

Team Trivia:  Provide us with a room with tables and chairs and we will provide a trivia challenge for thee teams complete with information for the team to divide and compete.

Wacky Fan Add A Stitch Relay:  Each team will have “8” items that they must add to a team member, one at a time.

The Team Cheer– Teams write and perform a 45 second team chant, cheer or wrap in their group.