How does your Team want to play?  A workshop, outdoor adventure, community service project, urban chase or team chef?

Where will your Team want to Play? Will it be indoors, outdoors, over lunch, a retreat, or at your office?  We can design and facilitate any of your needs!

People First!  TeamPlay USA offers you a variety of “team connections” that will motivate and inspire your most vital resources, people.  We are experienced professionals that offer relevant experiences that meet both the participant’s expectations and the host group or goals. Programs or experiences have been divided up to help you better choose to fit your needs, time frames and desired goals or outcomes. Each program is designed to build better relationships among team or group members by engaging verbally and getting to know each other. The results are better connections which will improve continued teamwork, communication, and cooperation among the participants in the game of work.  Enjoy!


  When your group needs to connect deeper, experience some planning and problem solving, we have the right experience for your team. With the busyness of business today and increasing technology demand on people, teams need to experience quality creative problem-solving.  Our team workouts provide planning before performing and team talk about the value of People in the process. Choose from a 1-hour workout, 1/2 to full day outing.

ADDED VALUE FUN:  When your group needs to have some fun, connect and build relationships while enjoying the benefits of a TEAM, we have the right experience for you.  Our JUST for Fun activities connect your group through some creative competition, interactive conversations, and positive results. Choose from an afternoon team activity to a “happy hour” of fun.

COMMUNITY SERVICE FUN: Team UP and experience a group Give activity designed to connect people with a project for the local community.  Our programs include Pack & Give It, Build & Give It, Compete & Donate It and Get Out and Clean It! Give to help a Foster Home, Domestic Abuse Rescue Center, Military Family or Veterans Group, Children’s Program or get out and clean the desert.