Playshop Workshops

The Playshop is a unique interactive experience that combines presentation, playing and processing by your group or team.  The goal of the Playshop is to release the participants to the values of the workshop being conducted through discovery and discussions. Today more than ever, people need to communicate through discussion more than just listen to a speaker. The Davis’s offers a variety of Playshop topics that can be incorporated into a team workout, half to a full-day program.  They can also “design” a Playshop Workshop to any book, training objective or meeting theme for your organization. Our process includes listening and Diagnosing your needs, Designing the experience & Delivering a meaningful session.  We always want to make sure that our Playshop fits your group’s interests and Needs!  The FUN Factor, Friendship-Unity & Needs met and the Values of T.E.A.M., Together Everyone Achieves More will be incorporated throughout each session.

Core Values: 

  • First & foremost People come first followed by Performance and the result of team Productivity. Each Playshop values People and communication foremost so that the interactive process is all about them, and not us. When people are engaged through discussions and agree on solutions, then People start coming first or the T and Together of TEAM is realized.
  • Discovery is a unique ingredient as we create activities that reinforce the message or goal. If Living a Balanced Life is important to give 100% to your job, an activity will be played that shows why we are in a hurry at and away from work causing a sense of imbalance.  Through the Activities and Discussions, the participants will discover solutions together so everyone can Achieve More from TEAM.
  • Restoring the “I” in TEAM is the key in all sessions as we seek to increase Individual commitment to having fun in life at and away from work. Over the years we have discovered from group input that those who make time for the hobbies, values & interests away from work tend to have the most job satisfaction at work. Together is the first step or value of TEAM and we connect the T first so they can work better as a team and fulfill the goals and objectives of the organization.

Leading through Guiding

Todd Davis will take your group on an interactive experience through a series of problem-solving activities requiring planning, performing and processing.  Each activity reinforces the value of leaders getting input prior to making a decision and seeking unity among the team members in the process.  Todd will model the way and teach throughout the process while having all individuals discuss the challenges they face leading in a busy world. In the process we release people to become committed team players willing to commit to those in leadership.

Playshop Time:  2.5-3.5 Hours

The FUN Factor

This Session helps a group, committed or team rediscover the value of “spending time together” and building relationships through the Fun Factor.  We provide 3 different activities that will help participants discover why making and taking time with people has become difficult in a busy world.  At the same time, they will see the value of people to people discussions, problem-solving and value time together working on that which they committed to as a group, team or committee.  Through over 30 years of working with teams, people and team building Todd discovered the three elements of the Fun Factor and provides a realistic workshop approach for participants.

Fellowship, Unity & Needs are the secrets to a balanced winning group of individuals who make up TEAM.

Playshop Time:  1.30 hours

TIME “How to balance it all”

Don’t live life by prioritizing because 70% of people will never be content with what they do.  Live by giving 100% in all you do, and discover how to value all that you do.  This session takes individuals through a time assessment exercise to see what they do weekly as well as what they would like to do weekly. As they see their actual time spent, they discover ways to take and make time for themselves in the areas of life they need to balance the busyness of life.

Playshop Time: 1.30 hours

Collaboration “Aggressive inter-department Teamwork”

“I’m supposed to help your department when I can’t even get my stuff done!”  Seems to be the emotion most managers and leaders have and in order for organizational teamwork to succeed, they must change the way they think, act and feel towards collaboration.  This exercise provides some “team performance” and competition while also requiring multiple teams to work together to achieve a common goal.  Participants experience the value of intense team performance while discovering awareness of the value of inter-team collaboration.

Playshop Time 2.0 hours

Connect The T in Team “Together”

Together Everyone Achieves More is still the value of TEAM, yet it has become clear that the T in TEAM seems to disappear. Together is both a feeling and an action. People need to want to connect, spend time together and also make and take time to engage in teamwork, problem solving and community.  This experience will release people to individual responsibility to work-life balance while renewing relationships among your most vital resources, people!

Playshop Time:  2.5-4.0 Hours

How to butt heads and get through it!

There is no teamwork, unity or trust without the ability of team members to butt heads, embrace conflict and engage in meaningful problem-solving.  This session will introduce to the value of planning, performance and embrace creative conflict towards solutions in a competitive series of challenges.  Upon completion, the group will receive a monthly activity for them to do at the office or a list of discussion problem-solving ideas for virtual teams.

Playshop Time 2.0 Hours

Fire Your Life Coach- Just Get a Life

We aren’t making fun of life coaches but it is interesting how many life coaches there are in America.  Do you think technology has both connected and disconnected us things of importance in life?  Do you blink and life passes you by so fast you forgot about the important things that make you, the individual, content.  Discover the secret of leaving work happy by showing up happy.  We provide a very specific game plan on time, balance, fun and community and the recommended formula for ongoing success instead of the yearly “escape” on vacation.

Playshop Time 2.0 Hours

Give To Win- Volunteering As A Way of Life

People who enjoy work and the people around them usually make and take time to give back to their community.  70% of people wish they could volunteer in the area of their choice in the community but they don’t feel like they have time. This program will help participants discover what “volunteering” and time serving the community will do for their own personal balance and help find more satisfaction in life.  The workshop will inspire participants to connect with co-workers, friends and even start their own community volunteer club to get out and make a difference.

Playshop Time 2.0 Hours