VolunTEAMism Experiences


This isn’t just another idea, it comes from a long background of both Team Building Solutions and Volunteer development.  The VolunTEAMism service is not just about “doing something” but “taking away” something from each experience.  We combine the interactive group experience, or team challenge, with a message driven experience to discover the value of volunteering.  Motivation is for the community we just helped, the company hosting the experience but also for the Individual participating in the experience. We know that 60-70% of people today wish they could volunteer to help balance out their busy lives. Yet the same 60-70% says they don’t have time.  VolunTEAMism is about TEAM, or Together, and Time, the commitment to making and taking time to do things of one’s heart.  We inspire through volunteering, hobbies and life balance suggestions to participants through our facilitators.

Services & Fees

BASE FEE:  A management and project fee is charged based on the size of the group, type of experience and required coordination to complete the program.

Fees: $750 & Up + project fee

PROJECT FEE:  Based on the type of experience we charge a project fee for expenses to include product, extra staff, transportation and supplies.  This may be charged as a “per person” or “flat project” fee. Part of the fee is for production, staff and normal team value while a designated portion goes to the charity, equipment or end cause.

OTHER EXPENSES:  Transportation, food supplies, etc. and will be outlined as included or not included under that project category

TRAVEL:  We are able to travel as  your VolunTEAMism Director to any location. Based on the group size and destination there may be a travel fee.

Inclusions:  Based on the type of program chosen we handle many or all of the needs. We can arrange transportation, a follow up dinner, non-profit organization speakers and creative touches to the meeting.  We will adjust our services based on what our client manages or provides.

All Programs include:

  • Design of the program to meet your budget and specifications
  • Coordination with hotel, the client and the cause
  • Lead Coach or Host plus staff to support projects
  • Connections with the Charity to receive gift or provide support letters
  • Site selection and program design
  • Start through delivery team work with your management team, production company and onsite teams

VolunTEAMism Program Summary

We diagnose, design and deliver your program to meet your group size, needs and budget.  We have some ideas, but always desire to be creative and unique for our customers.

Building Projects: These projects offer teams the chance to build a project and can be held in a time frame of 1.5-2.5 hours based on your goals.  We can add more complexity to your project to create a longer time frame.

  • Build A Bike
  • Build A Play Set
  • Build A Picnic Table
  • Build A Can Sculpture
  • Build A Garden

Clean Up & Fix UP Projects: We coordinate an outing to clean up the environment and add a “team” or goal orientated twist to the project.  Repaint a community center or change the curb appeal to a group home.  Want to get outdoors and clean up, add a Jeep or Tom Car outing and get to a remote location that needs the cleanup.

  • Paint A Community Center
  • Clean the Park or Beach
  • Clean the Desert / Adventure Outing
  • Mural Painting

Cash for A Cause Program: We have a program that allows your team to compete and collaborate while developing communication and cooperating skills.  The better they perform the more they earn for the cause and we design the reward to fulfill the entire amount even if the group doesn’t hit the 100% goal.

  • The Eggstreme Team Challenge
  • The Amazing Race
  • The Sports Slam Party
  • Texas Hold-em or Poker Tournament

Cooking for A Cause Program: Fire up the creating and cooking skills and get ready to fix a culinary treat or presentation.  Every participant in the program provides 50 meals to the local food bank through our “cook for a cause” program. (all perishable ingredients are additional)

  • The Salsa & Fruit Sculpture Happy Hour
  • The Team Chef

Compete for A Cause: We can take an ordinary team experience and create extraordinary results that benefit a local community need.

  • The Amazing Chase- Scavenger Hunt
  • The Sports Slam Party-Points for cash
  • Golf Outing – Provides 50 meals per participants –Green Fees

Pack & Give It: All it takes is 30-45 minutes for your group to pack and give a bag or box to help a woman checking into a domestic center, those who serve overseas or a charity of your choice.

  • Packages from Home- Military Boxes filled with goodies
  • Domestic Center- Welcome bags for women & children
  • After School Lunches- For the Food Bank