Beach Activities


Overview: Enjoy the Sea and the sights as your group engages in a fun, creative group challenge that resembles teamwork. They will engage in creative design, teamwork, artistic sculpting and of course celebration.  We provide the tools, theme and staff to make your event a fun filled activity.  The Beach Sand Sculpture can be a short as 1-hour or more complex at 2-hours, depending on your time frame and goals.  Scoring is based on size of design as well as details and the ability to tell the theme. (such as “Shark the competitors” with a logo in the mouth) etc.

Schedule of Events:

  • Activity Area Set Up
  • Group Arrives & Teams Organized
  • Captain’s meeting / Sand Piling & Water Buckets filled
  • Blue Print Design
  • Teams Create
  • Judges Review (group VIP’s can judge)
  • Awards Announced



Pump up the spirit in everyone with the high-energy, fun and physical team games and relays called Superstars! Designed for the competitive level of your group, Superstars is guaranteed to be competitive, yet not silly or stupid, and all abilities and ages will enjoy the experience. Different colored shirts or hats specify teams of 8 to 12 participants. (optional) Start the day off with a torch lighting ceremony followed by a Captains Meeting with the Master of Ceremonies. Next, get energized and ready to play in a quick group warm-up. Then, head off in teams to the games and face off in a variety of challenges for teams.  Each them program offers different “challenges” to match the theme.  Challenges like our Wacky Obstacle Course, Quad or Oversized Volleyball, and Water Ball Launch make up the All American Superstars event.

Wacky Relay– Teams wear flippers, goggles, straw hats, oversized Hawaiian shirts, life preservers and balance a beach ball on a tennis racquet as each team member moves down the relay course.

Shamu Shuffle- Teams must straddle a 10’ pole while racing in and out of the cones on a course. No touching the pole while carrying the inflatable shamu above their head.

Quad Beach Volleyball- Teams in this unique 4 team / 4-court volleyball game start off with 100 points and you lose points when the ball hits inside your court. No spiking, it’s not the island way.

Water Ball Launch- Using giant slingshots, teams launch water balls at targets held up by their fellow team members.

Beach Ball Shot Put- Teams throw the giant shot-put as far as they can as many times as they can in 90 seconds. Don’t step over the line or the other teams will give you a zero.

The Team Cheer- Teams perform the perfect cheer to the tunes of old TV shows.