Adventure Outings “Arizona Boondockers”

What is an Arizona BoonDocker?  Well for those who have been in Arizona for some time know that a BoonDocker is an outdoor experience that combines Fun & Food while the Sun sets and the Stars come out.  Otherwise, it’s time to unwind and have some fun building better friendships and “team” while enjoying the outdoors.  We have partnered with many Arizona Adventure or Experiential Companies to bring you this combination package designed to meet your group size and time frame.  Our goal is to get your group out to connect, enjoy the outdoors, experience fun and celebrate friendships with your most important topic “people”.


Pair up or Tom Car in a foursome as you hit the trail for the Capture The Flag team building experience! This BoonDocker is in conjunction with outdoor adventure providers in the Cave Creek area. As one participant stated “You put the Fun into our Tom Car Adventure” thank you Fun Coach.  Your adventure is 2.5 hours and includes outdoor education, team building stops and a great time building friendships and team unity. Some of the Capture the Flag trailside activities include Stone Stacking, Blindfold Walk, Last Drink Removal, Save the Eagles Egg and more!


Don’t just bounce around in a Jeep when you can get out and have some trailside challenges, old fashion fun and friendly competition in this Desert BoonDocker.  Your guided Jeep Rally will have stations set up for some friendly competition including activities as Dry Gulch Crossing, Corral Building, Target Launch, Gold Rush and more.  We blend  your outdoor education session guided by your experienced drivers with some “capture the flag” type of challenge to improve cooperation, communication and get to know you better.  Awards to the top three jeep teams and rewards to the participants for their “desert survival experience”.


Welcome to Old Town Scottsdale where the Old & New West meet up for some fun, food and competition.  We have a 2.5 hour chase BoonDocker set  up where clues, cameras and wits will help the best team win.  Your Chase builds in a “fun stop” for a Tapa & Drink then a Celebration Dinner and awards to wrap up the event. This event provides shirts for the participants and a great time as you enjoy afternoon evening in the City of Scottsdale.  This event is sponsored by:Fun Coach USA