Adventure Facilitation

OVERCOME NDD!  Nature Deficit Disorder is an actual term taught in our college classes.  Todd and Marsha Davis invite you to experience an Arizona BoonDocker!  A BoonDocker is a bundled package of outdoor fun combining adventure, team challenges and sunsets with cook-offs. We are the experts at integrating fun and provide afternoon through evening experiences designed to connect your most vital resources “people” after a day of business and meetings.  Our experience with recreation and team activities is vast and we provide a smooth program to accommodate adults of all ages, abilities, and attitudes. We handle all the plans, design the experience and program your BoonDocker to meet your group size, time of year and desired outcomes. We will say the best outcome to be had is “better relationships while unwinding with some team fun“!

Todd and Marsha Davis founded Team Play & Fun Coach USA and have been providing team experiences together since 1988.

  • Enjoy Jeep Rally in the Back Country!
  • Compete in a Chili Cookoff and Foot Rodeo!
  • Hike or Bicycle outing in nature!
  • Tour Hohokam Ruins!

Our experiences are planned and designed to offer exciting outdoor fun while encouraging participants to work as a cohesive team in the process. Based on the time of year, time of day and your budget and desired outcomes we can provide one or more experiences packaged for your group. Arizona BoonDockers is a customized program that combines your Fun Coach hosts, adventure vendors, and venues. Enjoy the different options and send us a “booking” form so we can get back with a program to meet your needs.